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Invented et produced by LACO

Best Ecological Product 2014

« Les Meilleurs Produits Bio » which means « the best ecological products » of 2014 is a contest that the product Pierre d'Argent was entered in.


This is how the contest works : companies can enter one of their products that has to be environmentally friendly, and a selection of 100 consumers gets to test the product based on their habits. The consumers then give an appreciation of the product and review its texture, scent, packaging and efficiency. They also give a mark that, according to the French grading system, can be up to 20, 20 being the highest score. Pierre d'Argent proudly got a 17,36 out of 20, which is very good !


Thanks to this mark, Pierre d'Argent was officially selected amongst 53 contestants as one of the year's best ecological products.