Natural cleaning product

The genuine natural cleaner and polish
Invented et produced by LACO

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The french company LACO produces cleaning products since 1981.

LACO invented Pierre d’Argent and makes it in its production site located in France.


Here are the different stages of production :


- making of the paste


- filling of boxes with hot paste


- scraping to complete the filling


- drying, and the paste becomes stone without adding hardenner


- closing of boxes and packaging in cartons to send all over the world


We propose all kinds of packaging to suit all our clients' needs and demands.

Standard sizes : 200g and 300g

Medium sizes : 500g and 800g

Buckets : 1,5kg and 4,0kg


Green, white, yellow or grey ... our boxes of Pierre d’Argent can be customized ! We provide labels and boxes that are colored according to the client's visual identity.


You want to sell Pierre d'Argent right now in your country or elsewhere ?

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Pierre d'Argent 300g
Pierre d'Argent 300g

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Pierre d'Argent 800g
Pierre d'Argent 800g

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Pierre d'Argent 4kg
Pierre d'Argent 4kg

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Pierre d'Argent 300g
Pierre d'Argent 300g

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